Keep in the Light

I learned something recently: Don’t let anyone dim your light. Not even you. For me, my light is from God above. I’ve been dim for the last couple of years. I allowed myself to keep dwelling in stagnation of self-loathe. Aside from me listening to lies about myself, there were also people trying to bring me down with them. Sometimes people just want to dim your light for their own comfort or need someone in their misery with them, don’t allow it. Doesn’t mean you don’t stretch your hand forth to help others on the ground. Just remember to keep that light going. We grow in light, not in darkness. Keep shining.

Written by: Monsie Young
A Facebook memory

This was a Facebook memory I wrote a couple of years ago that I actually was appreciative of the reminder. Sometimes I am surprised by my own thoughts that can be very helpful during the questionable ups and downs throughout life. I am thankful to know my existence is not to please only myself or anyone or everyone. The existence of others is a bonus to life but not a part of my being. I am responsible for my own actions, responses, and character, to hopefully be a light to a very dark world. Remember the light is constantly being pulled in by this darkness, but when you recharge your light, the dark cannot exist—the blobs start to drift further from you, eventually fleeing far away. As long as you keep charging your heart and spirit with the best sources which lead to life. Whatever you keep feeding into your brain and heart on the daily (audibly, visibly, etc.) is what comes out through you and onto others.

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