*Disclaimer: This post is purely from a good place from my heart and is in no shape or form bashing purposes of education or getting a job. Finishing my degree was very much so important to me as a young adult, but my health interrupted my studies and mental focus greatly. While I never finished my degree, I have had a multitude of opportunities in the past along the lines of my dream job, leaving positive impressions as well as helping me gain immense confidence and knowledge. I’m simply conveying wherever you are in life doesn’t mean it’s not good enough. Maybe it’s not the “social norm” or you are beating yourself because of challenges or struggles that you are not at fault for, try to let go of that. I want people to be reminded of whatever path you are called to or have chosen: you’ve got this.

When you are born in a body that can greatly challenge or limit you from achieving goals and dreams in life, sometimes one can feel inadequate in the world. Those faced with physical disabilities may have heard the question, “Well, if you haven’t completed college nor work, how do you function as a human?” or “What do you do in life?” I understand the validity of these questions but having a degree or working does not define anyone’s existence—whether you are stay-at-home, working, getting a degree or not, at any given moment one can feel inadequate in this world. Achieving such things in life are additions to one’s life which can positively impact your future. Sometimes ignorance paints a rather skewed perception for people. “Aren’t you bored?” or “How could you be tired for having a non-eventful day?” (Yes, I’ve heard these questions or similar, and believe me, most of my days are VERY eventful.) Some of these questions are often from a good yet ignorant place. There have been some individuals that blatantly voice their opinions stating it must be less likely for someone with physical challenges of some kind to have an impact on society.

Those facing physical and/or mental challenges can be an anything in this world — you do not need a degree or to be a certain age to pass on something impactful to others. With the era we live in now, we have a multitude of ways of positively impacting the world. Sharing an idea or your story or someone else’s story passes on from that person to the next; it’s essentially a domino effect. We don’t think that sharing or our response to a stranger can affect someone around the world in another continent. I don’t mean virtually, either, just by your existence and communication with one person. I pray whatever seeds have been planted, they can grow according to how God wanted.

It’s like being the outwardly odd, slightly unhealthy tree that society wants to cut down, but you beat all the odds because beneath the surface you have the longest, thickest, toughest, pulsing roots. Branching out and connecting with hundreds of other roots, nurturing and providing to others, far far away. Even while the most beautiful well-structured trees on the outside look like they have it all together, sometimes they end up falling the hardest because of undernourished weak roots. Whether you feel it or not, we strengthen one another to keep this world going. Whatever you are; whatever you are not; and whatever you want to pursue, you are needed and valued.


  • Molly O Brown

    Justin my name is Molly Brown I am Elaine Stiebel Moniques Cousin. I live in Jamaica and have not seen Elaine for while the last time was when her and her Mom were living in California Northridge I believe Used speak on the phone but lost all touch when Elaine stopped calling. I am so saddened by this bad news. I would like to crontribute so pls send me your number and or email. Where is Elaine ask her to call me at 876-931-2083 or 305-921-0155 . I truly am sorry to hear this very sad news. She lived a whholesome life in spite of EB and to knowshe was such a wonderful life with you

    Pls send me your Zele info so I can mske a donation, especially since your task has been made so much harder to bear.
    My husband and I send our love and condolence jWe will ask God to give you the strength to deal with such a loss. Pls tell Elaine to call me ASAP.
    Molly O Brown

  • Monsie

    hi this is justin, i appreciate your prayers. she was known by so many and all that knew her have had so many great things to say. its nice to know that she really impacted so many lives. [if you’d like to give it is definitely helpful but i hope you don’t feel pressured to do so. if you’d like to though my zelle info is just my email i think

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