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Flashback Friday: First moments

Ah, Yosemite. I’ve been there only twice so far. Oddly enough, I did not get to see Yosemite until after I moved out of the state of California. Sara took me both times. My first time driving into Yosemite just stuck me deeply. I didn’t think I could fall so madly in love with God’s creation even more. Just thinking about it as I write, moves me to tears. I remember us reaching the point of entering the national park. What an escape from the noise, pollutions, (EB) pain, and the vast sense of reality. The winding, twisty, curving roads were intimidating because one does not want to kill wildlife! We took our time driving, however, with short stops in between to take in the beauty. As we got further into the beautiful wooded areas, we could smell TREES and then we spotted deep SNOW! We opened our windows even though it was nearly a 40 degree difference from Los Angeles temperaments. I wanted to bottle the earthy mossy smells permeating from the trees and rich soils. The dampened roads and shadows from the trees gave such an eerily beautiful effect. I literally wanted to lie in the middle of the road, looking straight up into the beautiful clear skies, allowing the mist from the trees dance onto my face for hours.


It was roughly around mid-noon when we made it. I let out high-pitched scream that left us both with headaches. I couldn’t believe my eyes: HALF DOME! It was beautifully aged giant rock! While we would love to know the history of this park, we don’t know everything. That’s what makes it more mysteriously beautiful and captivating. Can you imagine this national park was once a home to people? Can you imagine seeing that in your every morning or your every sunset? The way the sun bounces of Half Dome, just leaves you speechless.

Sara and I sat there parked for nearly an hour. We did not want to leave, but we had a cabin to find! We took a quick drive down through the valley and passed El Capitan. I love El Capitan as well. If I had the courage, I would climb it in a heartbeat. After low drawn out sighs, I was already exhausted from devouring the sights. We were loopy, enjoying our drive. The map gave us specific, yet interesting directions to our cabin. We had to go off to a side road which maybe unbeknownst to first-timers. Apparently, we had to go through two or three tunnels (yes, we held our breath each time). Once we reached a black gate, we had to make a left. Now, the sun was setting in the west. Neither one of us could see! Not one spec, seriously. We saw the landmark presented on the map, but no road signs whatsoever.

Sara exclaimed, “All I see is a drop off. No roads!”

We sat there in the running car contemplating whether we should chance our doom. We look at each other simultaneously saying, “Let’s just do it!” Sara turned her car’s steering wheel to the left, into the blaring bright white-yellow sun’s direction, “AHHHHHHHHHH!” We felt the tires go over the edge, but we were still alive! A paved road that disappeared into the sun’s direction light plus it was downhill. We started laughing uncontrollably uttering how ridiculous we are. Throughout our trip we kept yelling, “You will have a long time to wave goodbye!”

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