Where’d you get the nickname Monsie?
A woman and a few others in the Silky Terrier community started calling me Monsie. Ever since that day, I am hardly ever use my real first name. I have had the nickname steadily for fifteen years now. : )

Why “shesdigital”?
Studying Computer Technology and Networking made me want to pursue my career in web and graphic design. I figured opening a “portfolio” online after college would be appealing, so I came up with a catchy name.  Sadly, I did not finish my degree as cancer interrupted classes too often.

How long have you known your husband?
Around twelve years!

How tall are you?
5’7” ¾.

Do you have any brothers or sisters?
Four brothers. One is sadly deceased.

Do you regret your disorder?
No. I have no reason to- I have moments of frustrations because I wish I could do the simple things, such as, work. But, what’s done is done. God had His reasons for me to be this way, and I have grown to understand and love that reason.

Can you write with a pen?
Yes, I can.