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    Redrock Playground

    When I am feeling poorly, I love going on adventurous drives to the unknown. Nature is such a gift to us to enjoy. Earth is one big playground. It is much-like medicine to me. Even if you are not the outdoorsy type, I think it is important to take a moment to quiet the mind, to look around you. There are so many stressful scenarios amongst us, it is often challenging to take a moment to merely look at the moon and breathe. For me, I have always loved the outdoors. Everything about nature appeals to me. I remember when I was a child, I would sit myself near a window and stare at the moon for hours. Just, stare. Absolutely mesmerized in amazement. Trying to memorize each lunar crater placement that my eye could see. It quiets my spirit, giving me that stillness to listen to God while analyzing my growths and weaknesses. His creations brings me back to gratitude when I am feeling ill-tempered. It grows me each time I take an adventure.

    Every day, take a moment.











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    Life As We Know It

    Well, the time has come, our lease is up once again. We have lived in one place for a full two years. It doesn’t seem like we have lived in this apartment that long. We have had a very pleasing experience living here; the management, maintenance, neighbors, etc. have been very considerate. While we are somewhat sad to be moving, we know God has even more plans and lessons to come…

    My husband has been working hard, packing boxes upon boxes (he’s so fantastic at organizing! He’s mine.) I’d say, we have downsized from years of clothes, items, knick-knacks to what we need. I believe the upside to moving so frequently, it allows you to be thankful of the bare minimum. We have been blessed aplenty, as over the years, we did have to giveaway furniture, and precious items which I loved. But then I realized, how God replenishes once you see those things have no value here upon earth. They are simply temporary pleasures of life–a momentary comfort, if any.

    My health this year has been up and down, though, not my worst year. I am so thankful to be without cancer this year. I have been unbelievably exhausted the past few months. I finally decided to get a referral to a Hematologist. Whenever my hemoglobin levels go below 10, I experience these horrid symptoms: shortness of breath, heart palpitations, painful leg muscles, skin heals slower, fatigue, tiredness (I have fallen asleep at my desk), and weakness. A few doctors I have come across, don’t usually transfuse or infuse until the hemoglobin levels have gone below 8-7~ range. That, however, just does not work well with my body. Combating Epidermolysis Bullosa (and winning!) on a  daily basis in itself is tiring.

    I finally met with my new Hematologist doctor this month. I spoke mainly with his resident, who was very moved by somethings she learned about me. I saw much emotion in her. I could see genuine concern in her about my mental well-being. For anyone, any pain is traumatic to endure especially when emotional pains are added to the mix. While I am human, I do have emotion–I get very sad, like anyone else. Mourning is healthy; however, it’s joy from Jesus I receive immediately after every and any event to come into my life. He doesn’t leave me alone, ever, even when I make the dumbest moves. That is my eternal comfort. With that, God has given me a wonderful husband who shows me unwavering care and love. It puzzles people. It truly is out of this world.

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    We all are Gifted


    I am no professional painter. In fact, I have no idea what I am doing half the time; however, letting your artistic side out (whether it’s painting, music, talking, or your career, you make the experiences pleasant with being yourself, is very therapeutic. I firmly believe we are all gifted with talents, even if don’t think we are good at it. I love expressing myself through art, or writing. Sometimes, I enjoy escaping from reality of the world, and just think I am good at something.

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    New hobby!

    What a fantastic day! The lovely Joy picked me up for a little painting party at Jamie’s house. I honestly haven’t seriously dabbled in paint for many years. I was always one to draw with a pencil because I did not think I was talented enough to paint. Well, I have felt very endearing and always had the desire to try painting out (I love art!).  Obviously, I am no expert, but I think I have a new found hobby. Painting is a huge stress-reliever—also, great for improving the posture! Thank you Joy and Jamie for the encouragement to revive my artistic side; I am hooked! I plan to venture to Michael’s craft store to start my collection of acrylic paints and brushes. I think Jamie and I have a “painting date” this Monday, definitely excited!