Blogtember: My Dearest Facebook Friends

Dear Facebook Friends’:

I love you, dearly. I am not a perfect human being myself. I thought this blog topic idea was a brilliant way to express what frustrates me most about “Facebook gurus”.

Grammar/Spelling meanies: I would much rather cringe at nEtz spek than someone who honestly tries to use grammar/spelling to the best of their ability. There are some individuals who take it way too far, and try to belittle a person because they measure their “lack of education” (so they think) by a few typos and/or poor grammar. Witnessing people rip aimlessly into a person because of a misspelled word is only a way to gain a sense of power, in my opinion. Well, there are many who have dyslexia, learning challenges, or overall struggling comprehending reading and writing. Some of these people have gone their entire life without knowing they have had these challenges. Heck, I have my moments, too. Don’t we all? I have learned to back off from over correcting people on the Internet because we just don’t know everything. It just shows the bad side effects of social media can give us a “god complex”. So, please, let us all tone it down.

Hashtags: I am guilty of the use of these, but I have an excuse! When I cross-post from Instagram, for instance, it automatically adds them to my Facebook post! It is honestly, rather pointless, at least on Facebook. I can see using it for charity, or finding a specific company via hashtag on Facebook, only if it’s name is unique. Have you actually tried searching hashtags on Facebook? I have. It’s rather unorganized and random. I believe keeping it strictly on Twitter is probably the best idea. Silly Facebook, hashtags are for Tweeters! ;)

Relationships: All right, it is your relationship, we get that; however, please stop going from “in a relationship” to “single” (vice versa) every 2 hours. Facebook is a networking site, not a live soap opera. It is a cry for attention to the your significant other. Communicate with each other even if you think they are to no avail. Go to a non-gossiping friend who you can confide in for advice until you can speak with your partner. The bi-polar statuses shows insecurity, lack of trust, and a very rocky foundation in your relationship which reflects immaturity on both your parts.

Regardless of these frustrations, I still love each and every one of you.


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