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Bath & Body Works itty bitty HAUL!

Guess where I went last week?


They are having their seasonal sale of amazingness, and I haven’t shopped at B&B for years. I usually keep my skin products mild, natural, and healthy. However, in the drier winter months, there aren’t a lot of lotions that help me stay moisturised while smelling good. I LOVE smelling good without the overwhelming scent. As a rule of thumb, I am very picky with perfumes and body mists. It is sometimes hard to find more natural products that stays smelling fresh and clean all day. So… my weakness: BATH & BODY WORKS SCENTS! Some scents are very potent, and others are light and fresh. My FAVORITE:

Buy 3, Get 3 FREE
Buy 3, Get 3 FREE (stores/online store may vary)

Signature Fragrance Collection
Triple Moisture Body Cream
Japanese Cherry Blossom

Signature Fragrance Collection
Fine Fragrance Mist
Japanese Cherry Blossom

My local Bath & Body Works in the mall was having a buy 3 and get 3, and you could buy a mix of different scents, I believe. I decided on four body creams and two body mists. I think it’ll last me until I am 100 years old. Japanese Cherry Blossom scent works well with my chemical make up. The fine mist fragrance is light and fresh smelling; I use 1-2 spritz, and it lasts ALL day without a weird faded scent! Yeah, buddy!

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