My Amazing Jamie

This past month has been extremely hard for me, knowing my best friend, Jamie, would no longer be here. But more so, the unimaginable pain I know she has been enduring without compliant. I have cried for weeks, sometimes unconsciously bawling, bracing myself that she won’t be here anymore.


 There are thousands of people she has touched, leaving such an unforgettable impression. I will never forget the moment I was introduced to Jamie back in 2009. She was such a welcoming person. She helped me through some very challenging obstacles in my life. Jamie helped me realize the fight I had in me, that I hadn’t been using to advocate for myself. She essentially helped many become self reliant through USeb including myself. She helped me battled head on with Medicaid as she witnessed sepsis nearly take my life.

Monsie, Joy, Jamie

Jamie had the sweetest moves on the dance floor during camp. Jamie made me laugh until tears on our game nights; we “oinked” into our magical pigs during the board game “Pass the Pigs”.  Jamie loved rough off-roading in a Jeep as much as me, and boy, we had fun. She was incredible at making cool techno noises with her mouth. We exchanged our goals and dreams together while painting on beautiful stormy days followed by vibrant rainbows. Jamie was not only incredibly talented with a paintbrush, she had an amazing angelic singing voice, that will remain echoing in my memories. I am unbelievably blessed to have had those moments with her.

Rainbow skies in Utah

I will miss you, Jamie. Thank you for being a sacrificial understanding friend to me. You never hurt me. You were truthful and real. You never made me feel like I owed you anything. You gave your time, love, emotion, and heart without expecting a thing in return. You were sympathetic and empathetic. You felt with your heart not with your head. I wish I could have told you how I appreciated you more often. I wish my life did not have to move me so far away from you during your last days here. I know Jamie would not anyone to be sad, but we will miss her friendship, selfless presence, and beautiful soothing voice.

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  1. Julie Anne Winfield
    Julie Anne Winfield 11 July, 2014 at 10:12 PM .

    Beautiful words Monsie- so eloquent and you described Jamie’s soul- we need to stay close and remain bonded through our loss- Jamie brought so many people together -she was God’s greatest gift.
    Love you so much,

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